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Rainmeter Skins are a free and open-source work area customization programming for Windows. Utilizing Rainmeter Skins you can totally modify your PC according to your inclination. These skins, for the most part, change the presence of your work area gadgets, symbols, toolbar, and backdrops.

Skyrim rainmeter suite contains 12 different skins, some of them in multiple variations. It features 3 HDD skins, 3 CPU usage bars, 2 clock skins, 3 physical memory skins, and some basic elements like PC running time indicator, shutdown, restart and sleep buttons. This is a minimal skin for displaying weather information. If you are a budding beast slaya, then Monster Hunter is a great fantasy-themed action game Rainmeter skin. You will be instantly hooked to this graphics-laden beauty that gives off quintessential gamer desktop vibes with a smorgasbord of customizability options that are hard to miss. 3) Battlefield 4.

1. Enigma

The first and one of the most adjustable rainmeter skin on the rundown isEngima. This famous rainmeter skin offers 100 customization alternatives in an easy to use the board. Clients can alter and customize anything accessible on this skin.

Gadgets on Mystery show World time, Climate, Media playback status/control, different RSS channels, Speedy notes, CPU and Slam utilization, Continuous dynamic procedures, and considerably more.

2. Hardware

Hardware is the following great rainmeter skin that repeats the shading plan and hardware inside your PC bureau. This skin will improve the visual appearance of your gaming arrangement. In the event that you save some time modifying this skin and finding a coordinating backdrop, at that point your arrangement will stick out.


TECH-A will be a negligible rainmeter skin that offers a cutting edge look and feels to your work area. On the off chance that you need to control your PC from your work area alone, at that point TECH-A will dazzle you.

This negligible skin shows date and time, Smash use, CPU use, and circle segments. Besides, you can alter this skin to straightforwardly get to significant documents and organizers.


The name of this skin says everything, MNML UI makes your work area look spotless and profitable. This rainmeter skin does as such by evacuating the messiness and the basic gadgets of this skin show time, date, and temperature.

Do look at this skin in the event that you were searching for negligible skin.

5. Razor

Razor is a standout amongst other rainmeter skins that offers translucent gadgets and has a glass-like UI. In view of the customization and backdrop choice, you can either make the Razor rainmeter skin negligible or convert it into a mind-boggling highlight rich skin.

Gadgets on Razor show force and system quality status, climate, date and time, adaptable dock and significantly more.

6. ABP

ABP is an exceptionally adaptable and insignificant rainmeter skin that modifies your work area and increment efficiency. Gadgets on this well known rainmeter skin offer adjustable RSS channels, notes, alternate ways, climate gauge, clock/date, picture slideshow, CPU load, drive-use, media player control, and considerably more.

Backdrop and adaptability unquestionably assume a significant job in the general look and feel of ABP.

7. Simple Media

Simple Media is perhaps the most negligible rainmeter skin that lone showcases the most simple highlights. This negligible skin has an amazing text style and an exceptionally perfect UI. Like other downpour meter skins, Straightforward Media likewise shows date and time, reuse canister status, and temperature.

A decent backdrop matched with this skin will assist your work area with standing out from the group.

8. Elegance 2

The following best negligible rainmeter skin on the rundown is Elegance 2. This mainstream rainmeter skins adjust to various backdrops. Notwithstanding the negligible UI, the textual styles on Elegance 2 are likewise rich. Elegance 2 shows the CPU and Slam use details, reuse receptacle status, time and date, and Media playback data and controls.

9. Neon Space

The following intriguing rainmeter skin on the rundown is neon space. As the name of this skin recommends it changes over your work area into a spaceship cockpit. The UI of neon space looks genuinely mind-boggling and neon shading plan improves the visual appearance of this skin.

What may show up as spaceship controls show time and date, climate figure, CPU and Smash utilization, and there’s a devoted music playback controller.

10. Greenzo

On the off chance that you lean toward green shading over some other shading, at that point Greenzo will intrigue you. Each gadget, symbol, or some other skin component on Greenzo takes after various shades of green shading. This one of a kind rainmeter skin has a devoted internet browser gadget that encourages you to visit any website page without leaving the work area.

Notwithstanding that, different gadgets on this skin incorporate RSS peruser, notes, slideshow, date, time, mail, Winamp interface, and significantly more.

11. LIM!T

LIM!T is an insignificant rainmeter skin that barely has any graphical component. This perfect and straightforward skin is totally mess-free and just shows what’s significant. Besides, every skin component on LIM!T is as content. LIM!T shows CPU and Slam use, media playback, date and time, and climate data.

12. Taboo

Taboo is another noteworthy rainmeter skin that offers a total highly contrasting shading plan. This rainmeter skin utilizes the default Windows symbols and presentations significant framework data in a perfect and efficient manner. You can customize this skin by utilizing a coordinating backdrop.

13. Senja Suite

The last best rainmeter skin for Windows 10 on the rundown is Senja Suite. This moderate skin shows the fundamentals like time, client profile button, media player with controls, and other valuable alternate routes on the work area. Ultimately, the backdrops and shading plan of this rainmeter skin likewise look outwardly great.

Final Words

So these were probably the best rainmeter skins that merit looking at. The general visual appearance utilizing these rainmeter skins intensely depends on the backdrop.

So extra some time looking through a not too bad backdrop. Select the best rainmeter skin for you to structure and appreciate it.

Rainmeter is an open source and very popular desktop customization tool. It smartly changes the appearance and every minute details of your desktop and you can further use your creativity for more changes. However, there are so many skins provided by it and you must have to choose best Rainmeter skins out of them.

10 Best Rainmeter Skins for Windows

And to make this process a bit of hassle free, here is a compilation of some of the skins of Rainmeter that you should definitely know about. As Rainmeter is a free and open source program, sky is the limit when it comes to exploring this software. So, take your time and analyze it wisely in order to make most of it.

1. Iron Man – Jarvis


There are endless options when it comes to picking best Rainmeter skins and to be true I am really fascinated towards the techy kind of themes and hence I picked this Iron Man + Jarvis combination. Apart from being ultra-stylish, it is extremely customizable too.

You can find other combinations of this theme too like Iron Man + Shield combination. Talking about this Jarvis theme then you can pick color themes in it like red, blue, yellow and green.

The interface is quite similar to what shown in the popular Iron Man movie when Tony Stark operates on his system. You are going to find the blue theme the coolest one. The super customizable platform allows you to change the settings and modules according to your choice.

The re-positioning is quite handy which is a great plus point of this theme. On the main screen you can get the information like date/time, RSS feed, hard disk capacity, temperature details, folder shortcuts and many more. The arc reactor core kind of display gives an edgy and techno look to the screen which is actually kind of handy to operate.

2. Tech-A


The next one in the list of best Rainmeter skins is Tech-A which is basically one of the most stylish Rainmeter skins of all time. If you are a person who wants minimalistic theme then it is definitely for you. Tech-A is the perfect combination of straightforwardness as well as stylish approach altogether.

The background given is minimal where you can see a rotating circle in the middle displaying various options and shortcuts created on its edge.

This is quite like exploring parallel side of your screen where everything is high-tech and the visual appeal of this theme is something which can be given full marks for sure. You are going to see a combo of light blue and black color in the theme which gives a soothing effect.

The layout and interface is quite neat and you can see various functions in it. It displays time/date, CPU usage, shortcuts created and other functions. Tech-A is one of the most popular Rainmeter skins of all time and I am sure you would love its to-the-point approach for sure.

3. Galaxy Suite Rainmeter


Galaxy Suite Rainmeter skin is a special mention in this list as it is a specially curated theme for the platform of Windows 7. It is available for free download and it is no less than a treat for the Windows 7 users as the pinkish hue in the theme makes your home screen looks quite dreamy.

As there are quite less options when it comes to Windows 7, Galaxy Suite automatically becomes one of the most downloaded and best Rainmeter skins of all time.

You can see the functions like date/time, CPU usage along with last 10 minutes of history, launcher, notes, map and many more on its main page. It also supports music player and search bar. The launcher can carry 7 programs, 7 bookmarks and library which I think is quite amazing.

Weather information is also provided and you can further customize the options on the screen according to your preference. The interface is quite friendly and easy to operate which is designed by keeping in mind the simple approach of Windows 7 and hence users find it quite handy.

4. Aliens


If you think that wallpaper does not play an important role in changing the aspects of a theme then you should think twice. The next option in the list of best Rainmeter skins will change your perspective forever. Aliens is such a Rainmeter skin which is explored best when paired with right Alien wallpaper.

It is very important for the customization to choose the right background when you are using the Aliens theme. It is superbly or I say cleverly designed and the interface is pretty different from other options.

One thing I can say for sure that Aliens is not for minimalistic people. It has got everything on its home screen like power status, shortcuts, network speed, system time and date and many more. And of course al the modules are totally configurable and customizable.

Aliens is counted amongst the top Rainmeter skins especially for people who want everything to be shown on their desktop only. At time you might find your home screen a big mess but if you love it then it is just the match made in heaven for you.

5. Avengers SHIELD OS


If you are done with playing Tony Stark with the popular Jarvis theme then it is the time to take command of Nick Fury’s role with the amazing Avengers SHIELD OS Rainmeter skin. Of course, people are a big fan of such techno based themes and this one surely stands out of all.

There is no doubt that it is the most deserving entry in the list of best Rainmeter skins and if you are thinking about comparing it with that of Iron Man + Jarvis combination then you should totally ditch this idea.

This theme is the perfect example of organized planning and clean platform. The theme is available in multiple resolutions and of course handy shortcuts are provided to access your favorite folders quickly. Browsers, media player, CPU and RAM usage, media playback/control bar, volume buttons, shutdown and restart button are some of the functions provided on the home screen.

And to give a personalized SHIELD feel, you have a special SHIELD eagle tag on the right hand side of the screen for you. I also really liked the fact that how they have kept everything so realistic in the theme.

6. Senja Suite


Unique is the word I would like to use for this Rainmeter skin called Senja Suite. Inspired from the subject of TV and Anime character, this is a multipurpose and one of the coolest Rainmeter skins. The dark and edgy background of the theme is something which keeps thing subtle yet catchy.

And of course, the USP of Senja Suite is that you can put the pictures of your favorite Anime character on display which can be changed too.

And while doing so, you can keep on doing your work simultaneously and hence this theme is perfect for work and fun balance. The recurring features and functions of Senja Suite are just like other best Rainmeter skins like time/date display, shut down/ restart options, control buttons etc.

Senja Suite is quite minimal and basic in approach but this makes it one of the easiest and simplest Rainmeter skins of all time. The interface is pretty clean and everything is displayed neatly avoiding any scope of messiness and confusion while accessing it.

7. Eker Lina


If you want your desktop to look catchy and beautiful the Eker Lina is amongst the best Rainmeter skins that you should go for. Not only it is a piece of beauty but also outstanding in terms of functionality too. Despite being minimal in approach, people prefer it the most because of its crystal clear display.

You can customize the skin according to your choice and change the background too. The standard one provided are black with green accent and white with blue accent.

Talking about the functions then you get time/date display, iTunes, system monitor, media player and control options, RSS feeds, Google Search, recycle bin, various data figures, system shortcuts, and of course current weather report.

Rather than being tech and stats oriented it is more user functionality oriented and hence gives priority to such functions which are used the most. The sub-modules in this theme are displayed in form of small widgets and hence you do not have to click various times to access them as they are given on the desktop itself.

8. Mass Effect


Tech-a Rainmeter Skin Free Minecraft

I am sure by this time the popular BioWare game Mass Effect must have strike on your mind. And this is what exactly this theme is all about. This next inclusion in the list of best Rainmeter skins called Mass Effect is based on the BioWare’s action RPG Mass Effect.

There are some recurring elements in the skin derived from the game like Commander Shepard fighting against the reaper and the home screen looking like a control panel.

Talking about the functions and modules on the desktop then these are quite similar to other skins such as time/date display, network statistics shows in form of graph, media playback and control panel and many more. I think this is the best choice you can make if you are searching for best Rainmeter skins for gamers.

Apart from all this, you get full control and customization on the looks and theme of the skin. You can re-arrange the modules and functions and operate the theme in whichever way you want.

9. Enigma


Over the time Enigma got so popular that it ultimately became the default theme of 2009. It is amongst the most downloaded and best Rainmeter skins and also the most configured one too. Because of being highly customizable and configurable, Enigma goes pretty well with every type of background and wallpaper.

Enigma gives a space fight kind of feel with orange and blue hue in the screen giving a perfect balance of colors and effects to the desktop of your system.

The display on the desktop are multiple RSS feed, RAM and CPU usage, picture slideshow, weather report, world time configuration, media player and control panel, quick notes, real time active processes and many others.

You can re-arrange the modules and sub-modules easily and configure the whole theme according to your own taste. This is one theme which is quite organized and yet display each and every information regarding system and other functions on the desktop itself giving a very comfortable access to the users.

10. Before Dawn


Tech-a Rainmeter Skin Free Pc

Before Dawn is the final option in the list of Rainmeter best skins and it is popular for being utmost simple and straightforward. It is quite fresh and quite cool giving the simplest accessing platform to the users for a fast and smooth flow of work.

Before Dawn is a kind of Rainmeter skin which is actually restricted to one bar only. This all-in-one bar gives display of all notifications and information about the widgets on the screen.

This is quite like using a smartphone where all the notifications are displayed on the top of the phone. As the display area is quite restricted, it is actually quite great to see everything fall in a single row and hence user can access all the things from a single row easily.

Just like the other best Rainmeter skins, you can see date/time display, RSS feeds, current location temperature, frequently accessed programs etc. on the desktop easily.

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Tech-a Rainmeter Skin Free


Best thing about Rainmeter is that because of being an open source program, the approach of it is quite bigger and so is the level of creativity. You can find various techies contributing to its skins and variations and hence the number of customization options are unlimited.

Hence, when you are deciding over the best Rainmeter skins there are plenty of options available for you. This causes a situation of complexity for the users to choose from and hence this guide and analysis of some of the most talked about skins are a great help for you.

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