Swans Intraoral Camera Driver Download

Swans intraoral camera driver download microsoft

Denttio’s OptiPlus HD Intraoral Camera equipped with bright LED light and features CMOS technology for excellent imaging performance and delivery of the highest quality images to the screen. With real auto focus capability, OptiPlus HD is highly maneuverable while its user-friendly approach and large depth of field make it practical and easy-to-use.

Swans Intraoral Camera (9080850, 9080855, 9080860, 9080865) In this page, you may download the Driver for Swans Intraoral Camera (Product Code: 9080850, 9080855, 9080860, 9080865) and Swans Easy.

  • Drivers are product specific. Please choose your products below to get compatible files: Digital X-Ray Drivers. Tio-d Sensor; Tio-h Sensor (32 bit) Tio-h Sensor (64 bit) Intraoral Camera Drivers. Opti Plus (32 bit) Opti Plus (64 bit) allSIGN (Opti Plus button configuration).
  • Swann Cameras software, free download - Bluetooth Software Ver., Nokia Software Updater, Anti Mosquito Software, and many more programs.

OptiPlus HD connects directly to a computer USB port via USB cable, eliminating the need of docking station and make it far portable. Now, all you have to carry is the camera handpiece in your pocket from operatory to operatory.

Swans Intraoral Camera Driver Download Windows 10

Its signature Intraoral Imaging Software is also available that is seamlessly integrated with OptiPlus HD. OptiPlus HD can be used with most of intraoral imaging software available in the market today.

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