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I recently spotted this excellent video explanation of Serato Scratch Sticker Sync from DJ Ricky Jay:

What is Sticker Sync?

Sticker Sync is a hidden feature inside Serato Scratch Live.

Apparently it’s due to be upgraded to an official feature in the next version of Serato DJ: 1. 7.1.

Sticker Sync uses Serato’s existing drop to cue feature and takes it one step further.

The Existing Drop to Cue Option works like this:

Serato Scratch Live Sl1

  1. Drop the needle on track 1 – cue point 1 is triggered wherever you drop the needle.
  2. Drop the needle on track 2 – cue point 2 is triggered wherever you drop the needle.
  3. Drop the needle on track 3 – cue point 3 is triggered wherever you drop the needle… and so on for all 5 cue points.
Serato scratch live control cd

When Sticker Sync is enabled, no matter where you drop the needle on a track, for example at say 11 o’clock, 6 o’clock etc, the sample won’t play until your sticker gets to 2 o’clock (or 12 o’clock if you prefer)! It’s similar to how you mark up your vinyl for juggling – marking where the sample starts. This minimises confusion. The sample will always start at your chosen sticker mark.

Without using Sticker Sync, you would have to remember to manually move your record into the 2 or 12 o’clock position then drop the needle to trigger the cue point in the correct place. It saves a lot of time and hassle, especially when doing routines that require speed!

Sticker sync works by dividing the record in half – for example, if your sticker is set to 12 o’clock, if you drop the needle on to the track between 6 and 12 o’clock you play the record forward to 12 o’clock to get to the sample / cue point, if you drop the needle between 12 and 6 o’clock, you rewind the record backward to get to the sample / cue point.

How To Setup and Activate Sticker Sync

Sticker sync is an unofficial hidden feature / easter egg. Here’s how to set it up and activate it.

The following instructions were sourced from the Serato Forums.

1 – Mark your Serato Control Vinyl Records at TRUE 12 o’clock.

This video shows you how:

(If you prefer to mark your records at the needle position of approx. 2 o’clock, first ensure the serato line is in the TRUE 12 o’clock position, THEN put your sticker at 2 o’clock position.)

*** UPDATE / EDIT ***

@radikarl Karl Yankovic has kindly updated me on how the next part works so here is the updated version:

2 – Create 2 new crates, in Scratch Live 2.3 and above, and name them as follows:

(Controls sticker sync when you drop to cue points)

(Controls sticker sync if you are using instant doubles)

3 – Add one of the following letters to the end of the 2 crates you just created to set the Sticker Sync behaviour:

Add the letter N to make Sticker Sync behave exactly as how Ricky Jay is using it – splitting the record into two hemispheres and then scrolling forward or backwards, whatever is N.earest:



If you prefer to ALWAYS spin F.orward to hit the cue, add the letter F:




If you prefer to ALWAYS spin B.ackward to hit the cue, add the letter B:



Finally, should you wish to disable Sticker Sync completely, add the letter D (so you don’t need to delete the crates):


Serato Scratch Live Sl3


If you enable the Sticker Sync feature, it works for both loading songs and when you drop the needle.

You do NOT need to put any tracks in any of these crates. Simply creating and naming the creates as above activates the feature. It will affect every track in your library.

4 – Finally, ensure that the following options are checked in the Serato SETUP screen:

Playback > Play from first cue point:

Vinyl Control > Drop to cue points:

That’s it! Sticker Sync should now just automatically work!

Yay for Serato being able to emulate how Turntablists use real vinyl and cue points!


Big shout out to…

DJ Ricky Jay for making this clear and concise video!

DJ Dub Cowboy of for the sticker sync instructions and for creating the video on how to mark a Serato record at true 12 o’clock.

Eskei83 for troubleshooting and explaining the instructions in detail over Facebook with me, so I could get it all working! Best of luck at Redbull Thre3style!

Matt P from Serato. I heart Serato support – very quick and friendly service!

@radikarl Karl Yankovic for the crate explanation / clarification.

Have some fun with sticker sync and see what you can come up with!

I’m off to experiment with it some more!

Happy Scratching!

– Emma Short-E

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