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Just in case someone still looking for Cogswap, or many other PS2 Related Tools such as ExecFTP, PS2 Reality Media Player, etc … i’ve decided to upload my currently used PS2 Tools made by Stinky (it’s called Stinky’s All in One PS2 Tools) because the original page where i found these tools is no longer available

As a note, i’ve uploaded 2 version of this ps 2 tools. The first version is ISO Images that is ready to burn to those who prefer ready to use ISO Images, while the second version is the original Stinky’s AIO PS2 Tools (you’ll need to burn it manually, but you don’t need to worry there’s README file located inside the archive)

Download: AIO PS2 By Stinky

And if you’re wondering what tool / PS2 ELF Binary included in this All in One PS 2 Tools, here are the description for each tool copied from the Readme file :

Ps2 Tools Download

Ps2 Tools Download Full

  1. BOOTThis is the first boot that the SYSTEM.CNF points to. It is LAUNCHELF
  2. CDLOADERThis is used to boot copied CD’s with a fliptop
  4. FAPLINK_FTPThis is the client that MUST be running on the PS2 when using, FAPLINK on your PC to transfer ISO’s to the PS2
  5. GENESIS_EMUPretty clear what that is
  6. SEGA MASTER SYSTEMPlay your SMS on your PS2
  7. HDDMANAGERThis is the HDFORMAT utility that came with DMS4 chips. You use the HD partition manager fuinctions to delete game installs that went bad, or add more space to current installs. Its really neat.
  8. STINKYS_HDLOADERThis is a modified version of HDLOADER.(My custom skins)
  9. STINKYS_DVD9_HDLOADERThis is a patched version of HDLOADER that allows you to play DVD9(Dual Layer) games off the hdd (GT4, Xenosaga, God of War) Read the “read me” for this to see how to do it
  10. ID-CHANGERIf you got banned from SONY’s servers for online you can use this tool to change the ID of your machine and get back on. DO NOT USE THIS PROGRAM IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN BANNED!!!
  11. IPCONFIGThe IP data that FAPLINK uses to connect to your PS2
  12. MCFORMATCleans out MC’s that are full of corrupt data. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. It gives no warnings before wiping out your ENTIRE MC.
  13. MCLOADERI find this to be useless, but you may find a good use for it
  14. MP3_PLAYERDoes just that. Read the “README” for it to see how its used
  15. PS2MEDIAUse this to play DIVX movies on your PS2
  16. SNES_EMUPlays Snes roms on your PS2 (MY wife loves this one)
  17. TETRIS BASTITYou know how when you play tetris you SWEAR it purposly gives You useless pieces? Well this one REALLY DOES ON PURPOSE!!!
  18. USB_ADVANCE_HDLOADERThis is a hacked version of USBEXTREME. It will allow you to put a USB HDD on your PS2 (V12 included) and play games off it just like a regular HDD. Note that loading times are very slow due to the USB 1.1 format the PS2 uses.
  19. USBTESTUse it to test out your USB key, or other USB devices

Ps2 Save Tools Download

Enjoy …

Ps2 Tools Download Windows 7

Page last update: January 08, 2013 – because megaupload has been taken down and i noticed this post while editing my old post about recommended ps2 tools because someone posted a comment there so i might as well fixed this link in case someone else still looking for this :) )

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