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The Original Dash Cam K9 is a large screen Dash Cam that gives your car an extra special edge. Be protected with The Original Dash Cam.
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Dash Camâ„¢ 4SK98.1 by 4Sight User Manual Thank you for choosing The Original Dash Camâ„¢. This manual offers detailed information on how to operate the device correctly including: how to work the device, matters that need attention and technical specifications.


  • 2.4 inch LCD monitor

  • 120 degree camera angle

  • Parking Mode for automatic recording as when you are stopped or parked recording starts for a set interval

  • Built-In 3 Axis G-Sensor that measures turn rate and impact in real time Impact sensor locks and stores video on sudden impact and will not be overwritten

  • Internal microphone for audio recording

  • Built in buzzer speaker for status and event recording alerts and audio playback

  • Manual recording mode Uninterrupted cycle recording- unit will record over oldest stored footage Time and Date stamp option Built in clock Protect function to prevent accidentally deleting footage that you want to keep Anti-shaking function to prevent unusable footage


  • modes: Video mode, Photo Mode, and Playback mode Video

  • Recording: Records onto 4Gb - 32Gb Micro SD card (Class 10 Standard and above) setting: Auto / 100 / 200 / 400Anti shaking settings Inputs and outputs: USB

Package Includes:

  • 1-The Original Dash Cam K-9

  • 1-built-in rechargeable li-ion battery

  • 1-car charger

  • 1-3' USB cable

  • 1-suction cup windshield mount

  • 1-8GB SD card

Original Dash Cam K-9 User ManualDimensions:

  • Dimensions with mount: 2-1/2' (W) x 2-3/4' (H) x 1-1/8' (D)

Original Dash Cam K-9 User Manual Download

Optional Accessories

Original Dash Cam K-9 User Manuals

Includes an 8BG micro memory card, optimal experience with optional TODC 32GB Micro memory card.
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