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Original Title: Muhtesem Yuzyil
English Title: Magnificent Century
Also Known As: Suleimán – El Gran sultán, Hareem al Sultan, حريم السلطان (Hareem Elsultan), حرم سلطان (Hurrem Sultan), Sulejmani i Madhërishëm, El Sultán, Σουλεϊμάν ο Μεγαλοπρεπής (Souleiman o Megaloprepis), Szulejmán, HaSultan, Hürrem Aur Sultan
Genre: History, Drama, Romance
Episodes: 139
Broadcast Network: Show TV & Star Tv
Broadcast Period: January 5, 2011 – June 11, 2014
Production Company: Tims Production
Director: Yagmur Taylan, Durul Taylan
Screen Writer: Meral Okay, Yilmaz Sahin

Suleyman (Halit Ergenc) is a young man who is very handsome and fond of study. He learns the death of his father while he is hunting with his close friend Ibrahim (Okan Yalabik). Upon the death of his father, Suleyman enters Istanbul and accedes to the throne as the tenth Ottoman Sultan. His life changes radically, he becomes the tenth and longest-reigning Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, from 1520 to his death in 1566. Also, he will be known in the West as Suleiman the Magnificent and in the East, as the Lawgiver for his complete reconstruction of the Ottoman legal system.
Upon succeeding his father, Suleyman begins a series of reforms in the palace. He makes his boyhood friend Ibrahim the royal falconer although Ibrahim is originally Greek Orthodox and educated at the Palace School under the devshirme system. Under his reign, he makes some changes in the legal system that would affect the current staff in the palace.

One day, Suleyman comes across one of the harem girl, Alexandra (Meryem Uzerli), and is infatuated with her. Alexandra is the daughter of an Orthodox Ukrainian priest and is a slave in the Ottoman Palace. Although she is rebellious and doesn’t obey the rules at the beginning, she decides to take revenge of her parents through gaining the heart of Sultan Suleyman. After that, Alexandra tries to attract Sultan Suleyman and wants to be his woman not for just one night but for 1001 nights.

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Eventually, Alexandra reaches her goal and Sultan Suleyman falls completely into Alexandra and starts to call her as Hurrem. The love between Sultan Suleyman and Hurrem not only affects the girls in the harem but also affects the future of the Otoman Empire.

In magnificent century (muhtesem yuzyil) tv series story, you will explore passion, love, jealousy, controversy, intrigue, power struggles and secrets revolving around Ottomon Palace while going to the enchanting world of Ottoman Empire. Will Sultan Suleyman achieve his ultimate goal: building a world empire that would encompass the east and the west? How will the arrival of Alexandra/Hurrem affect the future of Ottoman Empire? Will Alexandra/Hurrem rise through the ranks of the harem and become Sultan Suleyman’s favourite?

Magnificent Century Cast
Halit Ergenc as Sultan Suleyman (Season 1-4)
Meryem Uzerli as Alexandra/Hurrem Sultan (Season 1-3)
Vahide Gordum as Hurrem Sultan (Season 4)
Nebahat Cehre as Valide Sultan (Season 1-2)
Okan Yalabik as Ibrahim Pasa (Season 1-3)
Nur Fettahoglu as Mahidevran Sultan (Season 1-4)
Selma Ergec as Hatice Sultan (Season 1-3)
Filiz Ahmet as Nigar Hatun (Season 1-3)
Selim Bayraktar as Sumbul Aga (Season 1-4)
Burak Ozcivit as Malkocoglu Bali Bey (Season 2-3)
Mehmet Gunsur as Sehzade Mustafa (Season 2-4)
Gurbey Ileri as Sehzade Mehmet (Season 3)
Pelin Karahan as Mihrimah Sultan (Season 3-4)
Engin Ozturk as Sehzade Selim (Season 4)
Aras Bulut Iynemli as Sehzade Bayezid (Season 4)
Tolga Saritas as Sehzade Cihangir (Season 4)
Ozan Guven as Rustem Pasha (Season 2-4)
Deniz Cakir as Sah Sultan (Season 3-4)
Tuncel Kurtiz as Ebu Suud Efendi (Season 3-4)
Serkan Altunorak as Taslicali Yahya Bey (Season 3-4)
Cansu Dere as Firuze (Season 3)
Melike Ipek Yalova as Isabella (Season 2)
Seckin Ozdemir as Leo (Season 1)
Sabina Toziya as Afife Kalfa (Season 3-4)
Mehmet Ozgur as Lutfi Pasha (Season 3)
Burcu Ozberk as Huricihan (Season 4)
Merve Bolugur as Nurbanu Sultan (Season 4)
Pamir Pekin as Elkas Mirza
Yasemin Allen as Irmak (Season 4)
Ezgi Eyuboglu as Aybige Hatun (Season 2)

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Magnificent Century Episode 50 English Subtitles

Magnificent Century Episode 50 English Subtitles

Magnificent Century Kosem English Subtitles Download


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