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  • Lemmings 1 (informal title)
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You can play Lemmings on this website so you don't need to download and install the game on your computer. We recommend to use Google Chrome when playing DOS games online.

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  1. Lemmings for Windows 10 (Windows), free and safe download. Lemmings for Windows 10 latest version: Enjoy a classic puzzle game with Lemmings for Windows 10. When the original Lemmings came out in 1991 it was a hit both with critics and with gamers.
  2. Lemmings Windows 10 Microsoft Store Version Episode 1 GlitchyTurtle 546. Unsubscribe from GlitchyTurtle 546? Cancel Unsubscribe. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 30.
  3. Sure, this is the original Lemmings game screens, but the user interface is completely different and really doesn't work on Windows. The buttons for the different actions are just normal windows forms buttons with some Lemming icons on them, looks very amateurish, but the worst bit is the main view, which is tiny and can't be maximised.
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executable: LEMMINGS.BAT
configured for DOSBox
Playable demo (installed)
274 kB
(0.27 MB)
executable: VGALEMMI.EXE
early English demo
Playable demo
226 kB
(0.22 MB)
executable: LEMMINGS.BAT
German demo
Playable demo
307 kB
(0.30 MB)

3D Lemmings for PC/DOS (10 levels) (4185 KB, lm3d.zip) 3D Lemmings Winterland for PC/DOS (6 level demo) (6320 KB, l3dwint.zip) Lemmings Paintball for PC/Windows 95 (3266 KB, lpidemo.exe) The Adventures Of Lomax for PC/Windows 95 (5368 KB, lmaxdemo.zip) Lemmings Revolution for PC/Windows 95, small demo (2158 KB, lemrevdemo.exe).

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You can download the full version of Lemmings from the website listed below.

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Lemmings (Windows)Microsoft Store


To avoid graphical glitches, set machine=vgaonly in your DOSBox configuration file (please see the supplied Game Info Card for more information).


Description (by Psygnosis)

Lemmings Download Windows 10

Here come the Lemmings!

Lemmings are clueless little creatures with no real sense of direction, and its up to the player to give them a helping hand, negotiating the treacherous terrain between them and the safety of each level's exit. Game players of all ages will have hours of fun solving puzzles as they help their Lemmings build, bash, dig, mine, block , climb, float and explode their way to safety.

Cheats (by VGTips.com)

Level select: type in the word 'BILLANDTED' on the level code screen. Now the message 'Incorrect Code' appears, but the cheat mode is actually still activated. Start the game, and you can now press the '5' key on your numeric keypad (right side of the keyboard) to get to the next level.

Game links

  • Lix (open source Lemmings clone)
  • Pingus (open source Lemmings clone)
  • The LemNet Chronicles (Lemmings fan site)


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Lemmings Game Download Windows 10



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