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The 1998 sequel to Gangsters Organized Crime.

Gangstar Vegas is a third-person shooter action game. You will play as a rising MMA champion. Framed by the mafia, you are supposed to throw your bout at the fighting event of the year. You have just become the most wanted man in the city. In a place where crime is everywhere, you will haveRead More. Group of Gangsters is now looking forward to avenge on behalf of their shot and badly injured members. Movie by Machubeng Skiet. Games saved on a computer with a system time before May 2000 will now load. Gangsters 2 1.0.6 Patch has not been tagged yet. Download Gangsters 2 Patch v1.0.5 (English). This is a fix for the cd drive problem where some makes of.

The fans of the first game were hoping for a little more of the same when Gangsters 2 came out. People that hadn’t played the first were probably not impressed when it came out in 1998. In 1998 we were not yet spoilt by PC gaming but even in those days, this was a sub-par game, and the biggest reason is the fact it is more complicated than complex.

It Should Have Been Good

You get the feeling that the game has a lot of potential to be quite deep. What should entertain with a deep strategy is actually complicated and confusing. The game has artificial intelligence problems and it has a very convoluted interface. Hothouse Creations had made the interface easier to use with this version, but as a result have also removed a lot of what a player can actually do.

The game is repetitive, and confusing, and playing seems like more of a chore than anything else. The interface is far (far) easier to understand than in the first gangster’s game, but it still has more problems than it should.

The Choices We Make

Gangster 2 Download Full Version

If only they had offered a little more freedom and a little more depth. For example, you can set up illegal businesses, but they tell you where and when you can do it. The only choice you get is whether you do it or not. It would have been good if you could have set up a drugs business in the church and had the choirboys do the deliveries, or if you could set up a drug distribution business in the local jail cells.

Like the first Gangsters game, Gangsters 2 gives the impression it should be strategically deep, where you are able to bribe police officials, kidnap enemy gangsters, break your men out of prison, and more. Yet, most of the time you do not need to do stuff like that, unless the mission directives state that you should. The original Gangsters was deep but confusing; Gangsters 2 is just shallow and confusing.

Constructor Did This Better

The game just doesn’t let you take the reins in any meaningful way. Part of you wants to reengineer the game so you can get in there and direct a bunch of them in a Command & Conquer style. There is an old game called Constructor, and their take on the gangster life was simple, but was a lot more effective than this game. There is plenty of complexity, but no real control in Gangsters 2.


  • Above average graphics considering the date it was released
  • You can complete missions in different ways
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • May be suitable for fans of the first game


  • You'll rarely have to make meaningful strategic decisions
  • Other games have done this better
  • Gangsters sound very similar/same
  • Gameplay sounds are repetitive
  • Gameplay can be slow

Gangstar 2 Game Free Download

Gangster 2 Download

It was developed by Hothouse Creations, with Eidos Interactive as publishers. The leading character is ‘Joey Bane”. His father had been murdered. During mission, he kills the men who actually murdered his father. He wants power to eliminate gangstars in the state where the games are set.

Gangstars 2 has several modes that are campaign, the multiplayer and tutorial mode. In short, this game is full of thrilling adventures. The players can use vehicles to hit the target. You can use dangerous weapons to kill enemies. You can also set up illegal business to make money e.g. gambling dens, breweries and brothels. You have to survive to win the missions, It an important thing, other things are not important.

So, are you ready to make profit and to get awesome rewards? For this, you need to download this game. This game is available on Google Play Store. You can easily download it from there. There are some requirements are needed to have this action game.

System Requirements:

Your device should meet the following requirements for good experience:

  • Minimum: Pentium II 266 MHz
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 650 MB HDD
  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, and Windows Phone 8.
  • Architecture: ARM, x86, x64.
  • 4 MB video card
  • DirectX 7, 4x CD-ROM

Gangstar 2 Windows 10

Gangstar 2 is available to run on Windows 10. You can easily download it from the Play Store. You should follow the simple steps to play this thrilling game full of action. These steps are as follows:

  1. Firstly switch on your device, you must have a good internet connection.
  2. If your device has Windows 10, then you should take the following steps, if not then you should install Windows 10 before downloading this game.
  3. Now go to the play store and search Gangstar 2 for Windows 10
  4. Download it and give required permissions.
  5. Make sure your system’s setting allows unknown resources.
  6. After downloading the installation process will be started.
  7. Now you have successfully installed it, play and enjoy real action.

Gangstar 2 Play Online

If you are looking something exciting then play Gangstar 2 online. There you have sand beaches, glamorous city with great architecture. There you also have mountains and forest area where you can explore the city and can grab different vehicles and drive, fights, events and much more.

The open world let you make your own fun online. Without spending any little amount you can play online, free of cost.

To better understand it, you should join the game for more realistic look. Let’s have a real online gangstar experience with glide on a glider!!

A highly addictive thriller game is here to play. You can play it on any platform. It is completely free. You can also play it online. You can share your progress with you friends also. You can choose your own game style to have fun. If you have any problem, kindly comment below. Stay tuned for latest updates.

Enjoy the thrill.

Gangster 2 Game Free Download Latest Version
It was developed by Hothouse Creations, with Eidos Interactive as publishers. The leading character is ‘Joey Bane”. His father had been murdered. During mission, he kills the men who actually murdered his father.

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