Gang Beasts For Android Download

  1. Gang Beasts Download For Android

Download Super Gang Beasts Pro 1.5.20 latest version APK by maranb for Android free online at Super Gang Beasts Pro is the rarest fighting game.


Gang Beasts is a multiplayer online fighting game for smartphone or Android tablet of wacky situations and where the entourage is important

One of the most interesting aspects of the last gamer years has been the multiplayer games. This is nothing new, during the 90s players already gathered in local networks to be able to enjoy games beyond the limited AI of the time. However, thanks to current Internet connections, we no longer have to walk around the computer. You don't even need the computer anymore, a smartphone is enough.

Gang Beasts Download For Android

The most fun multiplayer online fighting game

Gang Beasts is a crazy fighting game where the prerequisite is having someone to play online with . There are different versions on PC, PS3 or PS4, but it is also working very well on smartphone. Here we present the version for Android.

You can download the game for free (not like the official version for Windows which is paid for on Steam) and find a crazy battlefield with characters of all kinds . Anthropomorphic chickens or dragons are the characters and everything is allowed for them to achieve the goal of the game: to get the enemy out of the scenario.

An unusual fighting game that you will love.

To do this you must use any technique, blow or combo that comes to mind and all the elements around you are there to hurt … or to have someone hurt. Elevators, platforms, fans, chains or ravines: take advantage of them all according to physics and the laws of movement.

Be creative about how to crush your opponent and have fun with a perfect game even for people who are not used to playing who will have fun for hours. we said at the beginning, there is an essential condition: to have friends to play with.

  • Minimum operating system required: Android 4.1.
  • Installing the app from the APK file requires activating the 'Unknown sources' option in Settings> Application.
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