Download Citra 3ds Emulator 32 Bit For Android

Official Citra for Android releases as the first mobile Nintendo 3DS emulator. We’ve already covered Nintendo 3DS emulation on Android numerous times, though earlier attempts were made possible. Download NDS Boy #5 – MegaZ 3DS Emulator. If you wanted an all-around best emulator to play your favourite Nintendo 3DS games right on your Android phone, then definitely give this one a shot. The MegaZ 3DS emulator is one of the most feature-packed emulators out there that you can try.

Believe it or not! I have come across many eye-catching posts with the promise to reveal 15, 20 or even 30 best 3Ds emulators for PC & Android, but none of them is updated. Read on to know which 3Ds Emulator is updated and suits your requirements.

The fast-growing rate of technology and the internet, in particular, has revolutionized the entertainment industry. Video gaming is central to this development, presenting a wide variety of new games on numerous consoles as the years go by.

Released in late February 2011, the Nintendo 3DS emulator is a recent version of the very popular series of video gaming consoles designed by Nintendo with so many old and new interesting games dating right back from the 80’s.

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Best Android & Pc Nintendo 3ds Emulators

The available 3DS emulators are not the same. Some stand head and shoulders above the others, and we will be reviewing a few of the best and most recommended for your PC and Android devices below.

We have compiled this list of best 3ds emulators for PC not based on our personal preferences but we have checked out the features and short comings of almost all these emulators before posting here, so please rest assured that you aren’t going to find a list better than this one:

I.Citra Nintendo 3ds Emulators

This is arguably the best working Nintendo 3Ds emulator for windows, Mac and Linux computer systems. The experimental version of Citra was first launched in 2015 with no front-end access, thereby requiring command line operation.


Just a couple of years later, it has been developed into a very user-friendly software which runs most Nintendo games a lot faster and smoother with enhanced 3D graphics resolutions (i.e. 60 FPS with 400 X 200 scaled resolution from the original screen) than the original Nintendo consoles.

High Graphic Quality:

Moreover, these higher quality graphics and screen resolution can usually compete with the xbox playing experience. While utilizing two screens a plenty of visualization modes are available for each game screen.

The ability to display both screens at the same time makes it even better and both these can be toggled between with just a single click. Although I like to play it with the full screen mode with the lower screen at the bottom with its smaller resolution.

Mouse Assistance:

A mouse can be used to assist in controlling the touch screen, if you want to use the on-screen touch, then clicking justify click is your answer.

The Citra 3DS emulator uses decrypted ROMs, thus you can’t use the backups in the 3DZ or 3DS formats. If you want to load the ROMs, simply conduct a search on Google and you will find a plenty of tools to serve your purpose easily.

No Bugs:

In addition to its trademark stability and being almost completely free from bugs, the developers of the CITRA 3Ds Emulator are constantly working to improve its utility.

Also, it requires a 64-bit operating system (from Windows 7) and Open GL 3.3 or above to run smoothly with high graphical playback.

II. Desmume

This is another flexible Nintendo 3Ds emulator available for free. DeSmuME owes its uniqueness to being available for almost every operating system; Windows (64 and 32 bit), Mac, and Android, in addition to the frequent (nightly) update activity of the developers with regular builds targeting to fix any bugs.

III. R4 Nintendo 3ds Emulators

Capable of running almost all your favorite Nintendo games, this Nintendo emulator was originally created to test Nintendo games on the PC.

However, it has been developed to present a faster and even better Nintendo experience with the flash memory of Windows.


When launched, you will be prompted to insert a cartridge. All you need to do at this point is to choose the NES ROM of the game file you wish to play and follow up with controller setting customization before going on to the gameplay. R4 3Ds Emulator is perfect for game developing users as it easily allows them to check on their output.

Utilizing this tool the developers won’t need to switch to the DS console and are able to directly check their progress on a PC. However, this software is not very up to date and might not work with recent Nintendo 3Ds games.

IV. NO$GBA (Windows)

This is one of the best available3Ds emulators for PC (Windows). It can be downloaded for free, but for the most recent update released in July 2017, which is acquired for just $2.5.

With the developers working on new update releases, the previous update becomes available for free download.

Click To Download

V. iDeaS

This Nintendo 3Ds emulator ranks amongst the best for Windows PC, thanks to its ever-increasing compatibility options with every new update.

It is available for free and works perfectly with some amazing commercial and famous games such as Pokemon Diamond, Super Mario, etc. iDeaS is great with OpenGL and supports dual screen processing as well.

VI. NeonDS

Although this 3Ds emulator for PC often contains some bugs because of limited updates, it works very smoothly and offers little or no compatibility issues with Windows Vista, XP, and many other platforms. NeonDS is available for free on

In addition to being very light, thus requiring very little space, it also supports some commercial games. The latest update of NeonDS was released in 2011.

Download Citra 3ds Emulator 32 Bit For Android Iso


Being an older model with few updates this 3Ds emulator for PC is mostly out of the business now and a few people know about it.

Once it was also considered in top competitors among the 3DS emulators for PC, but now it can’t be utilized to play other than simpler and basic games.


Owing to the fact, that it’s not being updated we can conclude that it is unstable and buggy.


This 3DS emulator for PC was presented on 17 May, 2014 for both windows and Linux. It was last updated on Feb, 2015 and thus isn’t able to run the latest games and crashes very often.

It can be utilized for basic, simple homebrew at slower speeds. It was developed by ichfly and Normmatt. By virtue of the up-gradation in comparatively better 3DS emulators for PC I don’t think it will rise again. Maximum attention of people is now towards Citra 3DS emulator.

The above listed best 3DS emulators for PC have proved themselves with time to be on this list, all of them aren’t updated now.

So if you wish to choose the one for you, read this list again carefully and you can decide for yourself in accordance with your own preferences.

Best Android Nintendo 3Ds Emulators

With a huge variety of available options, its hard to decide which one deserves to be on our list but after conducting a proper research, below are the best 3Ds emulators for android:

I. Pretendo NDS Android Emulator

This Nintendo DS emulator for Android allows us to enjoy playing a host of classic Nintendo games on our Android tablets and smartphones. Also, we have the luxury of loading the ROMS in .DS and .ROM formats as well as in .RAR and .ZIP compressed formats.

We shouldn’t forget the ROMS are to be legally purchased because this emulator comes with no preloaded ROM by default.


The controls of Pretendo NDS emulator are customizable and very simple. This simplicity is helped by the adopted virtual controls of the Nintendo DS console and the possibility of using the finger in the lower screen area as a ‘stylus’. In addition to the full feeling of the traditional Nintendo console, this gives users perfect game control.

Auto-save Games:

The Autosave feature of this software which offers its users the ability to save the progress of their games automatically between certain time periods.

This feature combines with the options of disabling graphics and sounds to make the Pretendo NDS emulator one of the best for Android devices.

II. NDS Boy!

This android Nintendo emulation application is available for free download and works great with advanced smartphones having high memory and RAM.

The NDS Boy is compatible with RAR and many other file types and not only helps in the download of these files but in their use as well.

III. nds4droid

This 3D android Nintendo Emulator is has existed for so many years now and can be downloaded for free from the PLAY STORE.

Download Citra 3ds Emulator 32 Bit For Android Download

The long presence of this application in the market coupled with its effectiveness in providing smoother gameplay for almost all Nintendo games has made it super popular around the globe.

Unlike other android DS emulators, nds4droid is an open source application, doesn’t violate the GPL and offers a feeling very similar to that of the traditional Nintendo 3Ds console on Android devices.

IV. Ultimate x3DSx Gold

This is a reliable and effective Nintendo 3Ds emulator for Android devices. It supports almost all Nintendo games when downloaded and installed and offers amazing features like permitting the use of external controllers, as well as access to a solar sensor, tilt, gyroscope, etc.

V. Drastic

This is simply the best amongst other Nintendo emulators for Android devices as it supports the smoother and faster play of almost all the classic and interesting Nintendo 3Ds games on android systems.


It thrives to show you the best resolution and graphic quality in most Nintendo games by recovering the quality which is usually lost by other android Nintendo emulators thus, you will have a never before mind blowing experience with this 3DS emulator for Android.

Great UI:

I like the interface as it is quite impressive at the first spot, but you can still customize it according to your own preferences and further improve your gaming experience.

It allows you to load multiple games at the same time and switching between them is very simple, each game can load with your preferred configurations.

Recovering the saved games requires synchronization with the Google Play Store and the people who are impatient to wait too long to reach the end of the game can also use the Nintendo game cheat codes.

Advanced Options:

Download Citra 3ds Emulator 32 Bit For Android Emulator

Installing this app gives its users access to many unique features including; screen layout configuration, controller management, external hardware and software controller support, etc.

The many ads common with the use of the Drastic DS Emulator is one of the very few negatives of this app offers the possibility of loading two different games at a time and seamlessly switching between the two screens.


This Nintendo emulator for android is able to almost all the games and is remarkably customizable with proper options to select your preferred game orientations, screen sizes, designs and interface themes give it the looks you want.

The problem often faced by some people with android consoles is the trouble in using the virtual keys.The use of this amazing app is not so legal yet thus making it available just in some of the ‘’gray areas’’ in the Google Play Store.

These 14 emulators for android deserve to be on our list of top 5 android Nintendo emulators by virtue of the features and customizations they offer.

Off-course there are a few other 3Ds Emulators which are making the rounds on the internet but I personally didn’t find any of them useful and deserving to be added to this list.

The Verdict

Emulation technology makes it possible to play old and new games on specific consoles on our all new PC and Android systems with similar or even enhanced graphics, gameplay, audio, and experience in general.

This is achieved with the installation of a working Nintendo 3DS emulator software on your PC or Android device which then allows you to play your favorite Nintendo games.

Nintendo is not so famous nowadays, especially with technological advancement leading to the development of many other devices and systems that have presented new options to gamers worldwide.

However, a huge number of people still relish the opportunity of enjoying the experience of their old and improved Nintendo games and this has been a catalyst to the amazing emulation world.

There are so manyemulators for PC and Android on the market, the very best options to consider if you are looking to enjoy the Nintendo experience without necessarily purchasing the console are listed above.

If you have experience and information regarding any of the above listed Nintendo 3DS emulators for PC & Android and you think I have forgotten to mention it here, then you should share it with us, please use the comments box below so you can also be a helpful part of this tech community.

So tell me in the comments, which one of all these Nintendo 3Ds emulators is your personal favorite and why?

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Citra Emulator 3DS is one of the most popular Nintendo emulators, allowing you to play a wide range of games on multiple devices. With this tool for your Android smartphone, you can scale a game’s 3D graphics to improve the resolutions higher than the console. With this emulator, you can run games at 60 frames per second and 400 x 200 resolution, which ensures high-quality gaming experience.

An excellent emulator to play your favorite games!

Citra is a popular open-source Nintendo 3DS emulator, which has seen regular updates post the release of CTR, the original 3DS. With support for several Nintendo games, such as Animal Crossing: New Leaf, The Legend of Zelda, Sonic Generations, and Pokemon Sun and Moon, it’s an excellent choice for your Android device.

Additionally, the program can emulate the 3DS console’s Wi-Fi. As such, instead of playing only with users in a specific local area, you can play games with any Citra user around the world. If you’re interested in gaming development, you’d be pleased to know that this game's emulator comes with two interfaces.

While one focuses on a command-line structure, the other depicts a full-featured graphical user interface. With this Android emulator, developers can rest assured that the Nintendo games are decoupled from the core, allowing bugs to be fixed without any issues.

Is Citra Emulator 3DS easy to use?

The latest version of the 3DS emulator comes with a simple interface. Unlike streaming services like Stadia, this one doesn’t need any technical knowledge or skills. The process to load ROMs for your favorite 3DS games is pretty straightforward. You can easily configure various aspects of emulation. Within a few clicks, the program lets you set up preferences, image quality, and audio.

It’s worth mentioning that Citra is a stable, fast, and reliable emulator. You can use the tool to play numerous Nintendo games on multiple devices. With a simple search on the internet, you can find a wide range of Nintendo ROMs compatible with the program. Additionally, during installation, you can choose to run Citra Nightly—which is the emulator’s more stable version. You can also use Canary, which focuses on the latest updates and modifications.

Does Citra Emulator 3DS offer configuration options?

In the last few years, Citra 3DS Emulator has been immensely popular among developers and gamers around the world. With this program, you can choose between multiple viewing modes, which can be adapted to different Nintendo games. Since the program supports split-screen mode, you can either view a single screen or both screens at the same time.

It’s worth mentioning that most gamers prefer using the fullscreen mode. However, you can still keep the smaller screen in split-screen mode at a corner for easy access. With a mouse or single tap depending on the device you’re using, you can explore on-screen controls with ease.

Are there any good alternatives?

While Citra is a good choice for an Android emulator, you might be looking for a few alternatives. RetroArch, with its plenty of customization options and easy-to-use controls, has been quite popular. It’s a well-designed app that allows you to play classic Nintendo games with ease. Unfortunately, it’s not compatible with some newer games available online. Another good choice is Tencent Gaming Buddy. However, the platform has been exclusively created for PUBG fans and is only compatible with Windows PCs.

Compared to other options available online, Citra Emulator 3DS is an excellent utility program for gamers around the world. With this software, you can play a wide range of Nintendo games on both mobile and desktop. The only drawback is that Citra doesn’t come with built-in games, and you need to look for ROMs online.

Our take

With the Citra 3DS Emulator, you can run a lot of Nintendo games. Within a few minutes, you can find several compatible ROMs and apps online. Since the emulator offers high-quality gaming experience, it improves upon the original textures and models, allowing you to play Nintendo games with more features, enthusiasm, and excitement.

Download Citra 3ds Emulator 32 Bit For Android Pc

Should you download it?

Yes, definitely! Without a doubt, Citra is one of the most popular, functional, and stable Nintendo 3DS emulators. While it has been quite popular among Windows PC users, the Android, Linux, and Mac versions are excellent choices, too. With this program, you can easily scale 3D graphics, allowing you to run games at higher resolutions than originals.


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