Download Audio Quran With Urdu Translation For Mobile

Dawat-e-Islami has developed “Al Quran with Tafseer” Mobile App for those Muslims who wants to recite and listen Quran in their daily routine. Through this mobile application, people can recite Quran with Urdu translation and interpretation and also listen Quran in Qari voices. Quran in Only Urdu - PARAH: 12-13 - Audio Recitation in Urdu - Quran Tilawat (36:23) Quran in Only Urdu - PARAH: 13-14 - Audio Recitation in Urdu - Quran Tilawat (36:26) Quran in Only Urdu - PARAH: 15 - Audio Recitation in Urdu - Quran Tilawat (37:04) Quran in Only Urdu - PARAH: 16 - Audio Recitation in Urdu - Quran Tilawat (36:31). Holy Quran in All Languages. Holy Quran in all languages, Free Download Quran In All Languages, Quran is available in Arabic, English, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, Bungla, Pushto and in many other languages.

  1. Download Audio Quran With Urdu Translation For Mobile Al
  2. Audio Quran With Urdu Translation Mp3 Free Download For Mobile

Quran with Urdu translation is a smart android application, which is intended for Urdu speaking people offering an easy to use interface with Urdu Translation, Transliteration, and Audio (MP3) Recitation of all Surahs of the full Quran Kareem. quran urdu - full quran audio with urdu translation - full quran audio with urdu translation mp3 offline.

Urdu Quran is an iOS application, which is intended for Urdu speaking people offering an easy to use interface with Urdu Translation, Transliteration and audio (MP3) recitation of all surahs of full Quran kareem. Al Quran in Urdu translation is embedded with several features that are beautifully designed to listen to Quran audio.
Some of the main features of this mobile application are:
• Urdu Translation: Helps in better understanding the concepts and revelations of Quran karim by interpreting the meaning of Arabic language in Urdu
• Audio Recitation: Listen to Quran recitation (Qiraat al Quran) of all Chapters in Quran MP3
• Transliteration: Makes pronunciation of Arabic text easy with its similar reading option in English
• Language: Besides the Quran Urdu translation in other languages (English Spanish, French, Chinese, Persian, Italian, Dutch, and Indonesian) is also included
• Search Bar: Facilitates in choosing the desired Surah of the Holy Book
• Go To: Allows app consumer to jump to any Ayah of the present Surah
• Bookmarks: Allows the user to favorite or save a particular part of the recital process in order to continue from the same place where left in Holy Quran.
• Stop Signs: Various kinds of pauses that repeatedly come in the Sacred Volume of Allah are included which lets one know about their interpretation and action
• Sajdahs: 14 places in the where one has to perform prostration in front of the Almighty are also separately mentioned in Settings.
• Font Size: Allows the user to customize font size as per chosen preferences
• Font Style: 3 unique Print Modes are also added into main Settings for variation in outlook of Quranic text.
Download this free of cost Quran translation application now to benefit from its easy to understand presentation and other attributes especially Urdu Translation option to eventually identify with the Quran Kareem effectively.

Alhumdulillah! We are glad to present Quran in more than 100 world languages with Arabic Qirat and Translation.
On this page you can select Arabic Qirat, Audio and Translation of Quran in MP3 format for online playing or download.

The name of author of Translation of Quran available on this website are mentioned against each Language folder and can be downloaded following link
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Download Audio Quran With Urdu Translation For Mobile Al

To Download all Languages List of Translation of Quran in MP3 format click on the following link:-

Download Audio Quran With Urdu Translation For Mobile
Click on the link of Language of Quran Translation to download all author of that language in one folder
Language of Quran TranslationThe name of author of Translation of Quran
Afar Quran Translation
Afrikaanse Quran TranslationAfrikaanse Quran MP3
Albanian Quran TranslationAlbanian Quran MP3
Amharic Quran TranslationAmharic Quran MP3
Anako Quran Translation
Arabic Quran TranslationArabic_Quran_Mahir_MP3
Arabic_Quran_Rashid Maisary MP3
Arabic Quran Abu Bakr Shatry
Arabic Quran Adul Basit MP3
Arabic Quran Qari Abdul Wadood Hunaif
Arabic Quran Qari Ahmad Al Ajmi
Arabic Quran Qari Hunaif
Arabic Quran Qari Mohammed Ayub
Arabic Quran Qari Sadaqat Ali
Arabic Quran Qari Said Al Gamdi
Arabic Quran Qari Saleh Al Badid
Arabic Quran Qirat Hudafi
Arabic Tafheemul Quran Qirat Maudodi Qari Huzaif
Azaan of World Mosques
Armenian Quran Translation
Arnavutca Quran TranslationArnavutca Quran MP3
Asante Quran Translation
Assamese Quran Translation
Azerbaijani Quran TranslationAzerbaijani Quran MP3
Bacaan Quran TranslationBacaan Quran MP3
Bahasa Melayu Quran TranslationBahasa Melayu Quran MP3
Balochi Quran TranslationBalochi Quran Dr. Farhat Hashmi MP3
Bambara Quran TranslationBambara Quran MP3
Bengali Quran TranslationBengali Abdul Basit Qirat and Translation MP3 Audio
Bengali Qirat and Translation MP3 Audio
Bengali Quran
Bengali Tafsir Quran Sheikh Abdul Qaiyum
Bengali Tafsir Quran Motiur Rahman Madani
Bosnian Quran TranslationMP3 1
MP3 2
Brahui Quran Translation
Brazil Quran Translation
Bulgarian Quran Translation
Burmese Quran Translation
Cambodian Quran Translation
Catalan Quran Translation
Chichewa Quran TranslationChichewa Quran MP3
Chinese Quran TranslationChinese Quran MP3 1
Chinese Quran MP3 2
Croatian Quran Translation
Czech Quran Translation
Danish Quran Translation
Dari Quran TranslationDari Quran MP3
Dutch Quran Translation
English Quran TranslationEnglish-Quran-Marmaduke
English-Quran-Marmaduke Qirat
English Tafseer Quran Amina Islahi
Azaan of World Mosques
English Bayanul Quran Dr Israr Ahmed
Gold Mine Of Islamic Nasheeds
English Tafheem ul Quran Moulana Moududi
English Tafsir Quran Nouman Ali Khan
English Tafsir Quran Shayhk Ismail Musa Menk
English Darse Quran Dr Farhat Hashmi
Esperanto Quran TranslationEsperanto Quran MP3
Fares Abed Quran TranslationFares Abed Quran MP3
Farsi Quran Translation
Finnish Quran Translation
French Quran TranslationFrench Quran MP3
Fula Quran Translation
Fulani Quran Translation
Georgian Quran Translation
German Quran TranslationGerman Quran MP3
Ghajariya Gipsy Quran Translation
Greek Quran TranslationGreek Quran MP3
Gujarati Quran TranslationGujarati-Quran- Qirat andTranslation MP3Audio 1
Gujarati-Quran- Qirat andTranslation MP3Audio 2
Gujarati Quran Only Translation
Gula Quran Translation
Hausa Quran Translation
Hebrew Quran Translation
Hindi Quran TranslationHindi Quran MP3
Hungarian Quran Translation
Indonesian Quran TranslationIndonesian Quran MP3
Indonesian Tafsir Quran Al AiSar Abu Bakr al-Jazairy
Indonesian Tafsir Quran Saad Al Gommidy
Italian Quran Translation
Japanese Quran Translation
Javanese Quran Translation
Kabyle Quran Translation
Kampodian Quran Translation
Kanada Quran TranslationKanada Quran MP3
Kashmiri Quran Translation
Kazakh Quran Translation
Khmer Quran Translation
Kirgiz Quran Translation
Korean Quran TranslationKorean Quran MP3
Kurdish Quran TranslationKurdish Quran MP3
Latin Quran Translation
Lingala Quran Translation
Luganda Quran Translation
Macedonian Quran Translation
Malabi Anna Battuanna Quran Translation
Malayalam Quran TranslationMalayalam Quran MP3
Maldivi Quran Translation
Marathi Quran TranslationMarathi Quran MP3
Meali Quran TranslationMeali Quran MP3
Melayu Quran Translation
Mexican Quran TranslationMexicano Quran MP3
Mlibariih-bedoon Quran TranslationMlibariih-bedoon Quran MP3
Myanmar Quran Translation
N’Ko Quran Translation
Nepali Quran Translation
Norwegian Quran Translation
Oriya Quran Translation
Oromo Quran TranslationOromo Quran MP3
Ozbekce Quran TranslationOzbekce Quran MP3
Persian Quran TranslationPersian Quran MP3
Philipine Quran TranslationPhilipine Quran Maranao MP3
Philipine Quran Tagalog MP3
Polish Quran Translation
Portuguese Quran TranslationPortuguese Quran Abdul Basit MP3
Portuguese Quran Rashid Maisry MP3
Punjabi Quran TranslationPunjabi Quran MP3
Pushto Quran TranslationPushto Quran MP3
Romanian Quran Translation
Russian Quran TranslationRussian Quran MP3
Saraiki Quran Translation
Serbian Quran Translation
Sindhi Quran TranslationSindhi Quran MP3
Sindhi Quran Dr Farhat Hashmi
Singhalese Quran Translation
Sinhala Quran Translation
Slovak Quran Translation
Somali Quran Translation
Sotho Quran TranslationSotho Quran MP3
Spanish Quran TranslationSpanish Quran MP3
Swahili Quran TranslationSwahili Quran MP3
Swedish Quran TranslationSwedish Quran MP3
Tagalog Quran Translation
Tajik Quran Translation
Tamazigh Quran Translation
Tamil Quran TranslationTamil Quran MP3
Tatar Quran Translation
Telgu Quran TranslationTelgu Quran MP3
Thai Quran Translation
Tigrinya Quran Translation
Turkish Quran TranslationTurkish Quran MP3
Uari Quran TranslationYa Aapliya Mool Dharma Kade.mp3
Ukrainian Quran Translation
Ulkhees Quran Translation
Urdu Quran TranslationAzaan of World Mosques
Urdu Bayanul Quran Dr Israr Ahmed
Urdu Bayanul Quran Video Dr Israr Ahmed
Urdu Dars e Quran by Late Dr. Mir Aneesuddin
Urdu Darse Quran Dr Farhat Hashmi
Urdu Darse Quran Dr Israr Ahmed
Urdu Darse Quran Mufti Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer
Urdu Dars-e-quran Mufti Taqi Usmani
Urdu Dora-e-Quran Ijaz Latif (short Tafsir)
Urdu Lecture Dr Farhat Hashmi Collection
Urdu quran Abdul Basit Fateh Mohammed Jalandhari
Urdu Quran Fateh Mohammed Jalandari
Urdu Quran Qirat Fateh Mohammed Jalandari
Urdu Quran Saudias Fateh mohammed Jalandhari
Urdu Quran Word to Word Maulana Shamim
Urdu Sout Ul Quran by Shujauddin Sheikh
Urdu Tafheemul Quran Moulana Maudoodi
Urdu Tafseer Al Quran Mufti Zar Wali Khan
Urdu Tafseer Quran Dr Israr Ahmed
Urdu Tafseer Quran Farhat Hashmi
Urdu Tafseer Quran Humma Hassan
Urdu Tafseer Quran Ibne Kaseer
Urdu Tafseer Quran Moulana Alim
Urdu Tafsir Maarif ul Quran Mufti Mohammad Shafi Usmani
Urdu Video Darse Quran Dr Israr Ahmed
Urdu Video Quran Muntab Nisab Dr Israr Ahmed
Uyghur Quran TranslationUyghur Quran MP3
Uzbek Quran TranslationUzbek Quran MP3
Vietnamese Quran TranslationVietnamese Quran MP3
Xhosa Quran Translation
Yoruba Quran Translation
Zulu Quran Translation

Audio Quran With Urdu Translation Mp3 Free Download For Mobile

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