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I have software that I have to have a usb dongle plugged in because it contains the key for it. I'm always weary of accidentally breaking it or it crapping out and not working anymore. I'm wondering if there would be a way to make a backup of it, or even creating an iso of it and running it through an emulator such as Daemon tools. is functioning among. The topic of reverse engineering and electronic device backup. Because of the actual fact 2008.

What is HASP and dongle. Dongle is a device to plug in to the LPT (or other) port. It is used to store some information and to communicate with protected software. If software can't find required dongle, it will not run properly. It's main purpose copy protection. HASP (R) is a trademark name of dongles manufactured by Alladin. I believe the Dongle is a piece of hardware. I have them for a lot of my Sign / Plotter software. I requested a duplicate so I can use the software on my laptop. They required me to prove that I am the original owner of the software etc. I think it only cost me $35 for the duplicate. Without that stupid little dongle $5000 software is useless. Dongle Backup and Recovery service makes 100% software copies of original dongles. This is legal and reliable insurance against various dongle threats such as damage. Professional Dongle emulator for Safe-Net Sentinel, HASP HL and HASP SRM dongles. Dvd Kopieren Freeware Dongle emulator for Aladdin HASP4 and HASP HL Dongles. 100% Emulation of any hardware key. Dongle crack or emulation for HASP HASP4 HASP HL HARDLOCK dongle. Crack real life cam in america.


Our name is our most important plus. throughout the last 14 years, we’ve got worked robust to earn a unprecedented recognition among, our customers and prospective customers.


We have evolved, The foremost advanced and reliable electronic device Dongle backup.

Utilities to supply you with a one hundred pc operating chance to your, distinctive hardware dongle. Our Dongle emulation are presently at add organizations.

By doing away with the important. Dongle electronic device it’s currently possible to hold out your pc work with out the danger of negative your precious hardware lock.


For the remaining 14 years we’ve created emulator and clone dongles, device backup solutions for plenty customers.

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Safenet Sentinel
Sentinel HL
Codemeter Cmstick
TDI Matrix
Eutron Smartkey
Aladdin Hardlock


Dongle Emulator DMCA Exemptions

All the same the provisions of segment (a)(1)(A), someone UN agency has lawfully obtained the correct to use a duplicate of a computer virus might circumvent a technological live that effectively controls access to a selected.

Portion of that program for the only real purpose of distinguishing associate degreed analyzing those components of the program that are necessary to realize ability of an severally created computer program with alternative programs.

Which haven’t antecedently been without delay accessible to the person participating within the dodging, to the extent any such acts of identification and analysis don’t represent infringement underneath this title.

Some Tested Dongle Emulator Softwares

HASP HARDLOCK dongle dumper / emulator

  • Emulates HASP HL, HASP 4, HASP 3 and HARDLOCK dongles
  • All types of HASP keys are supported: HASP, MemoHASP, NetHASP and TimeHASP
  • No limitation on quantity of supported programs
  • Transparent for other dongles. You can use emulator and original hardware key at the same time
  • Doesn't change anything within software and doesn't replace original driver unlike the dongle crack
  • Free lifetime support and updates in case content isn't changed.

Step-by-step instruction.

Step 1. Downloading

Please download HASP / HASP HL / Hardlock dongle dumper from:
HASPHL2009.ZIP v4.65 (2.0mb)

You can find the latest version of HASP HL and HASP SRM dongle emulator at

It is also recommended to have latest HASP HL dongle driver installed. We offer you to download latest HASP dongle drivers from:
File is called ''

Step 2. Start dumper

First of all unpack in any folder and run HASPHL2009.exe on machine that has latest version of HASP dongle drivers installed and original HASP key connected to LPT or USB port.

Step 3. Service installation

HASP/Hardlock dumper and emulator designed as low level kernel mode driver and requires Administrators privileges to be installed.
When you start HASPHL2009.exe for a first time you'll see following window.

Press 'INSTALL' button and if installation was successful Driver statuswindow will be changed to 'Status : driver is installed'

Dongle Kopieren Programming

Step 4. Starting service

Now you need to open 'Emulator' tab.

Then you press 'Start Service' button. If everything is ok you'll see

Step 5. Running your software

To find your key it is necessary to start protected software.
It is possible the software doesn't start but it is not really important cause dumper caught dongle passwords.

Step 6. Readign your key.

Open 'DUMPER' tab.

HASP/HL Dongles window shows logged HASP passwords. There can be up to 10 different passwords but it doesn't mean that all dongles are connected to computer.
When you press 'DUMP' button Dumper will try to read all of Logged donglesand save all dump files.

Dump files are stored in folder containing HASPHL2009.exe and have '.DMP' extension.(In our example created file is called 3C3925A0.dmp )

If there are no HASP passwords press 'REFRESH' button. If it doesn't help and 'DUMP' button is still disabled it means your software doesn't work with HASP and uses different kind of dongle brand or doesn't use low level drivers (usually old DOS or WIN16 software doesn't use HASP drivers)

Step 7. Sending dumps and getting trial version

Please send created dump files to [email protected]

We'll send trial version of HASP dongle emulator as soon as get your mail.Usually it doesn't take more than 24 hours. Trial version has one week time limitations but it is enough to make sureyour software can perfectly work without hardware key attached to computer.

Step 8. Everything works and you decide to purchase full unlimited version

If everything works fine and you want to buy full version of HASP dongle cracklet us know as soon as possible to get disocunt. Just drop us e-mail to [email protected] to receive payment details.

Step 9. HASP dongle crack doesn't work.

There are many reasons because HASP dongle emulator doesn't work:

  • You didn't install HASP dongle emulator correctly;
  • Your application isn't 32-bit application and doesn't use low-level driver;
  • Dongle wasn't dumped properly;
  • Your program detects dongle emulator.
Contact us at [email protected] troubleshooting.

Step 10. Your program was updated, and HASP dongle emulator stopped working

Usually it happens when dongle content is changed. Then you should start from Step 1 with only exception - all updates are free of charges if you're registered user of HASP dongle emulator.


If you need additional information or want to ask some questions -feel free to send e-mail to [email protected]

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