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They said it could never be done. The Neo Geo was too intense of a console and most Neo Geo ROMs were just too big for the Sega Dreamcast to handle. Just a year or two ago, skeptics insisted that because of these reasons, it wasn’t even worth the time to think about making a Neo Geo emulator for the Dreamcast.

That did not stop Dreamcast developers Chui and Fox68K from chasing the dream that is 24-bit action on a 128-bit console. After a quick but amazing accomplishment of emulating the Neo-Geo CD on the Dreamcast, they took the next step by overcoming the Dreamcast’s RAM limitations in order to load and process large Neo Geo ROMs.

The result is an amazing project called Neo4All AES. Among other interesting features, the emulator boasts the following:

  • Emulates Neo Geo MVS & AES games
  • 100% Full speed without frameskip on most games
  • 2 Players
  • Great compatibility
  • MMU technique for playing games larger than the DC’s RAM
  • High quality sound playback
  • Disc swap with your ROMdiscs

Needless to say, I was very excited to try this new emulator out. While I had read lots of great claims, I was still a bit skeptical. I managed to find an ISO image of the emulator with a number of supported game ROMs included, so I was able to jump right into testing out a variety of games.

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Graphics Quality/Speed: 9
On the first games I tried out, Super Baseball 2020, the graphics and frame rate was incredible. It literally felt like I was playing it on the real machine — or at least a solid MAME configuration. Everything was smooth and beautiful.

When I moved onto Metal Slug X, the graphics were still as perfect as could be, but at certain events (like when I threw a grenade), the emulation seemed to studder. The framerate didn’t really seem to slow down much, but instead the sound effect had an abrupt skipping effect that got to be a little distracting. When things got a little heavier (as they often do in Metal Slug games), the graphics would studder a bit as well. It was still playable, but fairly distracting. The same could also be said for a few other action-packed games such as Shock Troopers.

  • Neo Geo (system)/Games Neo Geo (system) Edit. History Talk (0) Share. The Loop (Games) Do you like this video? This is a list of Neo Geo home video.
  • All Neo Geo console games are here on the list of Neo Geo Games. The Neo Geo system was originally developed to house multiple SNK games in arcades. The SNK/Neo Geo System proved so popular that the snk games and neo geo system were released in a home version.

I was impressed with many other games that held up quite well. One that comes to mind in Art of Fighting. The large character sprites and the zoom effect didn’t seem to phase the emulator at all. It ran very smoothly. My only problem with Art of Fighting will be covered below in the Control department.

Sound Quality: 7
Overall, the sound and music emulation was very nice. However, there seemed to be a number of issues with certain sound effects on an handfull of games. While my impressions of the graphics and speed of Super Baseball 2020 seemed to be glowing, I couldn’t help but notice a few sound effects that seemed to be out of place.

And as I mentioned above, certain games like Metal Slug X seemed to having a number of spots where the audio skipped violently. I’m almost thinking I would rather have the frame rate slow down a bit as opposed to have the audio skip so badly.

Control: 5
In many games, the controls were good enough. Puzzle games like Magical Drop 3 and my othter favorite, Super Baseball 2020 played like a dream as they primarily needed simple left and right or up and down movements. However, when I tried playing games like Art of Fighting or Shock Troopers which relied on diagonal movement to play effectively, I ran into a lot of trouble. I tried very hard, but I could not get diagnols to register with either the standard DC pad’s analog or digital controls.

I was also disappointed that the 2-Player option didn’t work on the games I tried. The emulator recognized both controllers, but it wouldn’t let me hit the Start button on both in order to do a VS match on Magical Drop 3. I’ll have to try more games to see if its a common problem.

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Presentation: 9
The interface for Neo4All AES is probably one of the best ones I’ve seem on the Dreamcast. While it was not quite as user-friendly as NesterDC was for booting games quickly, it was intuitive, attractive, and gave the emulation options in a simplistic and intuitive manner.

In an emulator that is in its early stages, its important to have easy access and modification of certain options, so I applaud the developers on making it simple. I also appreciate the fact that even my wife was able to boot up and launch the ROM she wanted without any assistance.

I also greatly appreciated the accurate loading bar to indicate how much longer it was going to take to load a certain ROM. This is SO much better than the older Neo or MAME emulators in which you were staring at a black screen wondering how much longer you needed to wait and/or wondering if the thing was working at all.

Future Progress:
Neo4All seems to be one of the few Dreamcast emulators that still is actively being worked on. It seems that they have the basics of emulation working quite well, added on the innovative feautre of loading large ROMs, and have polished the interface. My biggest recommendation is that they work on making the controls as perfect as possible and then try to perfect the emulation on the more demanding games. I would assume that the control issue would be easier to fix.

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Try Neo4All AES Yourself:
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More Information and Files for Neo4All AES

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While many consoles were marketed on the premise of bringing the arcade experience into the home, SNK’s Neo Geo was the first console to truly deliver on the promise. The Neo Geo hardware initially launched in arcades as the “MVS” (Multi Video System). The subsequent home version was known as the AES (Advanced Entertainment System) and had the same raw specs as its arcade counterpart. Its cartridges were the size of arcade boards, and the console shipped with high-end joysticks. Fighting games were dominating the arcade scene when the Neo Geo hit store shelves, and this was reflected by its library. SNK developed most of the Neo Geo games themselves and their wasn’t much in the name of variety, but the console was never expected to reach beyond its niche market status. It launched exclusively as a rental console (called Neo Geo Rental System), but there was enough demand to convince SNK to release the system as a luxury console. At $650 (in 1990!), the Neo Geo stands as the most expensive console ever released.

Top Hunter is an overlooked platformer game with a lot of variety. The two-player mode helped differentiate Top Hunter from other platformers and almost made the game feel like a side-scrolling beat ’em up. The ability to jump into the background also helped Top Hunter stand out and added depth to the game. There’s a lot of depth to the gameplay, too. Players can dispatch of their enemies by jumping on their heads, throwing them around, or by shooting them with guns. Players will even have the opportunity to run over their foes with robotic vehicles! One of the most unique aspects of the game is the inclusion of Street Fighter-esque special moves. With the right joystick movements or button combinations, players can throw fireballs or unleash other spectacular attacks. Top Hunter is a top-shelf platformer and one of the most under-appreciated games on the Neo Geo. Platformers were at the height of their popularity when the Neo Geo was first released, but the genre never really had much of a footing on the console. It’s unfortunate, because the hardware was perfectly suited for them. I think a few more games like Top Hunter could have done wonders for the console.

There are several reasons why I’m acknowledging Blazing Star as the best shoot ’em up on the Neo Geo. First and foremost, the option to play the game with a friend automatically puts it ahead of many games in the genre. At any time during the game, a second player can join in on the action. I also appreciate how players are free to choose from a variety of different ships. Each of the game’s six ships features its own weapons; and the option to change ships after continuing makes it easy for players to experiment. Blazing Star isn’t nearly as “unfair” as many shooters are. Players start right where they left after they die and aren’t forced to repeat sections they’ve already played through. With that being said, the game is still exceedingly difficult. The screen is often filled with dozens of enemy ships and hundreds of bullets. A lot of people prefer traditional hand-drawn sprites over pre-rendered graphics, but it’s hard not to be impressed with how the game looks. The action in Blazing Star is downright incredible. Bizarre boss encounters and poorly-translated text only serve to make the game even more charming.

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Its a recurring trend on this list, but Spinmaster is yet another hidden gem on the Neo Geo. The game’s overall style was heavily inspired by Data East’s own Joe & Mac series, but it never saw the same level of success. Spinmaster combines traditional platforming gameplay with “run and gun” elements. The game uses a comical art style and the characters have an undeniable charm. Instead of blasting enemies away with guns, players knock them out with yo-yos. (There are many weapon upgrades available, however, and players can also expect to find ninja stars, boxing gloves, bombs, fireballs, and killer icicles in the game.) In typical platforming fashion, players can also opt to kill their enemies by jumping on their heads. Spinmaster is a fairly short game, but each level takes players to a new environment. Whether you’re riding through a pyramid on a mine cart or rowing down a river in a wooden boat, each stage offers something new. Spinmaster can be pretty relentless and the number of enemies to deal with can get pretty ridiculous. Thankfully, the controls are perfect and the game actually becomes more fun to play as the difficulty increases. It likely goes without saying, but the game is most fun when played with a second player. When most people think of comical side-scrolling action games on the Neo Geo, they think Metal Slug. Rest assured, many of the things that made the Metal Slug games so appealing can also be seen in Spinmaster.

As its name suggests, SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos is a crossover fighting game that features both SNK and Capcom characters. Capcom had previously developed their own crossover games (Capcom vs. SNK), but SVC Chaos was SNK’s take on the rivalry. SVC Chaos uses the same basic four-button configuration that most SNK fighting games do, but several new techniques were introduced in the game. The new “Front Grand Step” allows players to leap toward their opponent and cancel into a basic attack while a new multi-leveled Power Gauge gives players more freedom to cancel their maneuvers. SVC Chaos features a roster of 36 characters taken from various SNK and Capcom franchises. On the SNK side, Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, Samurai Shodown, King of Fighters, Metal Slug, and Athena are represented. The Capcom side includes characters from Darkstalkers, Red Earth, Mega Man X, and Ghosts ‘n Goblins. Nearly three quarters of the Capcom characters were lifted from the Street Fighter series, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The Neo Geo was basically synonymous with 2D fighting games, but the console completely missed out on the most acclaimed 2D fighting series of all time. The inclusion of so many Street Fighter characters in the game was appropriate. The Neo Geo was almost 14-years-old when SVC Chaos hit store shelves, so the fact that the game was even released at all is pretty extraordinary.

Windjammers could almost be described as a glorified version of Pong. The gameplay consists of two opposing players throwing flying discs back and forth in an attempt to hit designated targets. The physics in the game have a distinct “air hockey” feel, and the flying discs bounce off walls in a predictable manner. The game features six different courts of different sizes, and each has their own scoring zones. Certain stages have additional barriers added to them which force players to rebound the discs at unusual angles. Windjammers is a fast-paced game that requires quick reflexes. Players are encouraged to release the disc immediately after catching it in order to increase the velocity. In addition, players have various special moves at their disposal which can be accessed by performing Street Fighter-esque motions on the joystick. There’s no better way to surprise your opponent than by setting the disc ablaze. The game’s simple premise makes it easy for anyone to jump into, while the advanced techniques make it a great game for veterans. Unfortunately, Windjammers is another one of those titles that went largely unnoticed by most gamers. It’s certainly not the most complex game on the Neo Geo, but the fast-paced gameplay makes Windjammers enjoyable from the get-go.

An atmospheric weapon-based 2D fighting game set in 18th century Japan, Samurai Shodown II is the best in its series and one of SNK’s greatest accomplishments. Instead of simply modifying the classic Street Fighter II formula, SNK created an entirely new fighting system for the Samurai Shodown series. At its core, Samurai Shodown is all about timing and technique. A single well-timed button press can take off more than half an opponent’s energy. This makes anticipating your opponents next move an essential skill. You’ll also have the ability to disarm your opponents or unleash violent finishing moves. Samurai Shodown also introduced a number of quirky mechanics to the genre – including animal sidekicks that periodically join the battle, and delivery men that randomly throw items onto the field. Samurai Shodown II was among the most stunning fighting game of its era and was notable for its large characters, vibrant backgrounds, and a dynamic camera that zooms out as the characters get farther away from each other. The music was also memorable, and the use of traditional Japanese instruments added to the incredible atmosphere. There were a lot of uninspired fighting games released in the mid 1990s, but Samurai Shodown II was not one of them.

Metal Slug X is a remixed version of Metal Slug 2 that features new weapons, more power ups, slightly modified stages, harder bosses, and less slowdown. For those unfamiliar with the Metal Slug series, it could be described as Contra with a sense of humor. It features the same basic two player, run-and-gun action that Contra is known for and integrates it into in a much more ridiculous setting. With the goal of rescuing hostages, you’ll travel through six exciting levels and blow up everything in your path. You’ll also be able to utilize several vehicles along the way – including miniature tanks, airplanes, mechs, and even a camel! It’s this randomness that makes the series so endearing. From the Martians that suddenly show up in the final act to the killer whale that appears out of nowhere, the game is completely unpredictable. As an example, if you collect too many food items your character will become obese and his weapon will be replaced with a fork. Like every other game in the series, Metal Slug X is known for its highly detailed sprites and extremely fluid animation. It’s not just the multitude of enemies and enormous bosses that are brilliantly animated either, as the backgrounds are alive with motion as well. It’s hard to believe that the game was developed on hardware that was nearly a decade old. If nothing else, Metal Slug X is proof positive that the Neo Geo was good for something other than fighting games.

With an expansive roster of characters from franchises like Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury, The King of Fighters eclipsed SNK’s other fighting games. Like most SNK games, the KoF series is known for its tight controls and incredibly detailed graphics. What sets KoF apart from other fighting games, however, is its signature battle system in which players choose teams of three characters. While previous King of Fighters games attempted to tie the characters together with a unifying story, SNK decided not to bother coming up with a coherent plot line in ’98. Instead, they focused on creating a “dream match” and included any characters they wanted to (including some that had been previously killed off.) There are a whopping 38 fighters immediately available in the game and over a dozen that can be unlocked. Despite the absurd roster of characters, ’98 is somehow the most balanced game in the entire series. Every fighter is useful in one way or another. The soundtrack is also the best in the series and features classic KoF themes as well as remixed tunes from other SNK games. For those who can’t track down a copy of King of Fighters ’98 on the Neo Geo, a slightly modified version was also released on the Dreamcast as King of Fighters: Dream Match 1999. Of course, the Neo Geo version is always the ideal choice.

The Last Blade is a weapon-based fighting game characterized by a unique attack system that allows players to form long chain combos. This isn’t to say that the game encourages mindless button mashing, however. Players have to exercise caution, as the game also boasts a “deflect” system that allows defenders to negate damage and leave their opponent open for attacks. Another interesting aspect about The Last Blade is that it lets players choose from two different gameplay styles. “Power” is ideal for those who wish to inflict maximum damage on their opponents with brute force; while “Speed” is set up for players who want to use a little more finesse and execute impressive combos. The fighting engine is perfectly balanced, and The Last Blade is one of those rare fighting games in which every single character seems to have a real purpose. The diverse cast is loaded with characters that are both interesting to look at and fun to play as. It would be impossible to talk about The Last Blade without mentioning its graphics. The characters are large, the colors are vibrant, and the animation is surprisingly fluid even by SNK’s standards. The attention to detail in the backgrounds is also worth noting, as they help accentuate the tone and overall atmosphere of the Bakumatsu period that the game is set in. The Last Blade 2 added a few new characters and tightened up the controls somewhat, but the roster wasn’t as well-balanced and certain fighters were overpowered. Both games are worthy of being mentioned on this list, but the first game was a little more even. Unfortunately, the advent of 3D fighting games and the decline of the arcade scene created a situation in which The Last Blade went largely unnoticed. Nevertheless, The Last Blade is a masterpiece and a perfect game to showcase the capabilities of the Neo Geo.

Garou: Mark of the Wolves is the ninth and final game in the Fatal Fury series. It’s by far the most ambitious game in the entire franchise. Mark of the Wolves is set ten years after its immediate predecessor features a roster comprised almost entirely of new characters. With the exception of one fighter (Terry Bogard), the entire cast is new. Mark of the Wolves also featured a control scheme that was radically different from previous Fatal Fury games. Players can no longer move across various planes and desperation attacks are MIA; but several advanced techniques were added in their place. The dashing and jumping abilities make Mark of the Wolves feel decidedly faster than most fighting games, and the newly added “feint moves” made battles even more exciting. Perhaps the most significant new play mechanic was the advanced blocking system. By blocking an attack at the right moment, players can actually recover a small amount of health. This makes battles more strategic and puts even more emphasis on timing. Mark of the Wolves features the deepest and most refined engine ever used in an SNK fighting game, and it also happens to be one of the best-looking games on the console. SNK games were always known for their detailed backgrounds, large sprites, and silky-smooth animation, but Mark of the Wolves raised the bar even higher. The game clearly pushed the Neo Geo hardware to its limits and it was almost hard to believe that the game was running on hardware that was released in 1990. I guess it just goes to show that the Neo Geo was ahead of its time.

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